2015 Emmy Fashion - Pattern Power

Patterned gowns are always a risky red carpet choice. Let's take a look at a few ladies who dared to give it a try.
Teyonah Parris
Mad Men's, Teynonah Parris, wore this black polka dotted Francesca Miranda gown. It's very bold, I'll give her that. I don't think this pattern works great on a gown though. The polka dots are just too big and distracting. The shape of this gown was so different too - I loved the belt and the cool bustier. It was just the wrong fabric choice for me. Her hair is a little too poofy, but I liked her make-up and earrings. Don't get me wrong, she looks really good and is owning the look. I think I would have just liked it more without the spots.

Kiernan Shipka
Another Mad Men actress, Kiernan Shipka, opted for this Dior top and pants. Kiernan has great red carpet style for someone so young, but this was not one of my favorite looks from her. I didn't like the sheer yellow band across the top. It was too wide and distracting. I had no problem with the pants in theory, but the black seemed too stark a contrast with the pastel yellow of this particular top. I did actually really like the fabric of the top though. The embroidery looks divine, and I wish it had been made into a tea length dress instead. That would have been something. Her hair and make-up is cute and fresh-faced, but overall this was just an okay look for me.

Gina Rodriguez
Gina Rodriguez wore this white Lorena Sarbu dress. Okay, this is technically not a patterned dress; but I didn't have any place else to put it, so I'm counting applique as pattern for this post. I liked this look, it's very soft and ethereal. The flower applique gives it the visual interest it needs. She definitely made the right choice keeping her hair and make-up simple, so as not to compete with the dress. The jewelry and clutch compliment the look well. Nice job, Gina!

 Naomi Watts 
Naomi Watts wore this double patterned and applique Dior dress. She was there only to support her nominee husband, so I think the dress worked well for that purpose. The dual patterns actually work well together (love the back one more though). I liked the tea length, and those silver shoes are awesome. My only complaint is that the bust seems a little low. Her hair and jewelry look good, but she could have handled a little heavier make-up. Nice look, Naomi!   

  Kristen Schaal
Funny lady, Kristen Schaal, wore this navy and black Rubin Singer gown. I liked the drama of it, but it doesn't fit her well. It's actually too big. The earrings and bracelet work for me, but I would have ditched the necklace. Her hair and make-up are cute though. This one was just "eh" for me.

Viola Davis
Winner, Viola Davis, wore this Carmen Marc Valvo white and black number. The cut of the dress works well on her, but I don't think the stark white looks great with her skin tone. I love her best in jewel tones. I liked the embroidery, but I wish it had started all the way at the top before trickling down. Her make-up is way too heavy, but her hair and jewelry looked really good. Good job, Viola.

Gwendoline Christie
Game of Thrones actress, Gwendoline Christie, wore this tone on tone Giles Deacon dress. I'm not sure if the pattern on this dress was cool or not, as it barely stands out against the cream background. The color is too light for her skin tone too. It's really washing her out. It was the right choice to pick a simple silhouette like this, but she would have benefited from more color. Her hair looks nice, but she could definitely have gone bolder with her make-up too. Also, where's the bling? Another "eh" look for me.

Anna Chlumsky
Nominee, Anna Chlumsky, wore this nude and flower applique Bibhu Mohapatra number. This is another dress that would have worked better as a solid color for me. I would have lost the applique and the weird spider web design, and just gone with the simple silhouette hiding underneath there. Her make-up looked okay, and she should have worn her hair down; but the clutch is pretty cute. Overall though, this one was a miss for me.

 Amanda Crew
Silicon Valley actress, Amanda Crew, wore this lovely blue and cream Gustavo Cadile gown. She looks like a china pattern, and I mean that in the best possible way. I loved this dress! The silhouette is great, the delicate pattern pretty, and the applique gives your eye somewhere to focus. The accessories were only okay, but I liked her make-up and the simple pretty ponytail. Great look, Amanda!


Zoe Kazan
Nominee, Zoe Kazan, wore this red and white striped Miu Miu dress. It's so different, and it shouldn't work, but the overall effect is great. I liked the slinky silhouette, and diamonds at the halter really up the fanciness factor. The belt helps to break up the optical illusion print, and the handbag really anchors the look. Her hair looks great, and her make-up - flawless. Beautiful job, Zoe!

Kiernan Shipka, Gina Rodriguea, Gwendoline Christie, and Zoe Kazan - images from here.
Teyona Parris, Kristen Schaal, Anna Chlumsky, and Amanda Crew - images from here.
Naomi Watts - image from here.
Viola Davis - image from here.

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