For Like Ever...

We've been meaning to hang some art and pictures in our family room for like ever. I want to surround the TV with art hung gallery style, but I don't have enough to complete it yet. At the same time, the pieces I did have ready were just laying around. Instead of just staring at a blank wall for who knows how long, I decided to just hang up what we had to just start the dang thing already. So, this happened yesterday.
Here's a closer look at what we have so far.
From left to right we have a canvas print of a picture of Bill and I in front of Haystack Rock in Cannon Beach, Oregon. I had mentioned it was a favorite picture of the two of us and he had it printed up on canvas for me. The Milwaukee, WI print is from Albie Designs. It's my little nod to home, plus I like the design and colors. The For Like Ever poster is from Super Rural. I love the pop of pink and the large size. I actually thought it would be too big for the space, but it actually seemed to shrink a little bit when hung. I'm glad it worked.

Here's my inspiration for the wall. I really liked how the focus of the wall is not the TV, but the art. Our TV is a little bit bigger than this one, but I'm hoping we can achieve the same feel.
Image from here.
I still have a few pieces I need to get framed before we can hang them. Hopefully now that it's started I'll get going on those, so we can finish the wall already.

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