Let's Go to the Movies - The Intern

Last Monday, I got the chance to see a sneak peek of Nancy Meyers new film, The Intern; but wasn't able to write my review until today. It's in theaters now though, so here's what I thought.

Ben Whittaker (Robert DeNiro) is a 70-year old widower who did everything you're supposed to do when you retire. He spent time with his grandkids, traveled the world, and even learned Mandarin. Looking to feel useful again, he decides to become a "senior" intern at a trendy, online shopping start-up run by the extremely hands-on CEO, Jules Ostin (Anne Hathaway). She's overworked, stressed, and barely holding it together, both at work and at home. An unlikely friendship blossoms as Jules slowly learns to let go and ask for help; help that Ben is more than happy and qualified to give.

This movie was so adorable. Seriously, so witty, fashionable, and cute. Robert DeNiro gave such a funny and touching performance as the "wise" Ben - schooling all his young co-workers in both business and life. Anne Hathaway's performance was great too - very understated and real. Combine that with a gaggle of amusing supporting characters and you've got a really fun little movie. At the time I saw it, I didn't love the ending, but it certainly didn't offend either. There seemed a very logical and satisfying ending (i.e. make Ben the CEO) that I totally thought they were headed towards, but doesn't happen. I was so sure that was going to happen, that when it didn't; the ending it did have seemed very abrupt. I got over it though, and ultimately decided I really, really liked this film. Definitely check it out!

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