Desk Round-up

Madeleine asked me the other day if she could have a desk in her room. She wants to be able to draw up there, and I think it's a great idea. The little area next to her dresser will work perfect for a desk, as the doll house that is currently there doesn't get a whole lot of play anymore.
I want to create a little art station for her, as it seems to be her favorite thing to do lately. Below is my little inspiration shot.
Photo from here.
So, I started looking for desks. I was looking for something small, most likely white, and not too expensive. The girl has already gotten crayon on her freshly painted walls, so I don't want anything too precious. I fully expect this thing to get drawn on and beat up.

Here are the desks that caught my eye when I started to search.
Target ($159) | Pottery Barn Kids ($249) | PB Teen ($239)
Pottery Barn Kids ($299) | West Elm ($399) | Land of Nod ($399)

They're all very pretty, and if I had my choice it would be the bottom left campaign style desk with the little hutch. However, I eliminated them all due to prices. Seriously!?! There is no way that a tiny little parsons desk should be $250. I'm talking to you Pottery Barn! Even the Target one seemed too much to spend for our intended purposes.

So, I moved onto IKEA, and found this!
Could it be any more perfect? It's this one here, and it's only $59.99. Which means I can pick up the $19.99 chair and still be at half the cost of any of the others I've seen. It's the perfect little starter desk for her. A trip to IKEA is definitely on the agenda for this weekend now. She's going to be so excited!

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