Tried and True

I've never had a very rigorous make-up routine. I have a pretty decent 5-minute face that I can put together when needed (at least I think it's decent). Since having kids though, there are many a day that I now don absolutely no make-up at all!  Shocking, I know, but I will always, always choose sleep over beauty. I do find, however, that I feel best when I at least take the time to put on a little foundation and mascara.

For ages now, my favorite foundation has been Maybelline's Dream Matte Mousse.

I actually played around with a few other foundations over the last year, but I'm back to this one. It's just so easy to use, and very forgiving if you're not great at make-up...which I'm definitely not. I just dab some on my finger, and then apply to my face. It covers nicely, it's lightweight, and blends really well. It takes me about a minute to put on, which I appreciate, because sometimes a minute is all I have in the morning. With this, and a swoosh of mascara (currently using this one), I'm good to go!

How much time do you devote to make-up each day? Are you fine going make-up free? Has your make-up routine changed since having kids?

Just for the record, this was not a paid for or sponsored post (I wish).  I think this is a good product, so I just wanted to share.


  1. I am also on the 5 minute track. I would love to be makeup free but my skin is far from looking good on its own! I have found that there are fewer and fewer occasions where I use more than 4 products - where as I used to definitely have my "going out" routine involving more makeup than my day-to-day.

    1. Yeah, I feel like my pores are huge and my skin a little too blotchy. I prefer at least a little foundation, but I'm surprised by how much it hardly even matters to me anymore. My how priorities change once kids enter the picture.