Vegetable of the Month - Turnips Part 2

Our first turnip recipe earlier this month was a bit of a bust (see here), but I had high hopes for the second. I'm a big fan of hiding vegetables in desserts. It had worked out so well when I did it with beets earlier this year (see here), so I was really looking forward to trying it again with turnips.

Vegetable - Turnips
Recipe - Savory Thyme Turnip Cupcakes
The verdict? I hate to say it, but these were really, really bad. Like, borderline gross. You know how I usually end up saying here that the kids didn't like them, but it was okay because Bill and I did? Yeah, not even Bill and I liked these. I actually ended up just throwing them all away this morning. With the exception of the bits of thyme in it, the frosting was actually pretty tasty; but that sweetness, as good as it was, could not mask the super strong turnip taste of the cupcakes. The closest way I could describe it, is that they smelled and tasted very much like potatoes. It was just all wrong. So, disappointing.

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