Balloon Spooktacular

One of my favorite things about living in Phoenix are the hot air balloons! Each morning the kids and I love to spot them up in the sky. So, when I found out about a cool annual event, the Balloon Spooktacular, I knew we had to check it out.
It's held every October at the Salt River Fields in Scottsdale. Basically, it's a bunch of tethered hot air balloons, and the kids get to go trick-or-treating at each of the balloons' baskets.
Since it was still pretty warm, we put the kids in their light weight (and matching!) astronaut costumes. We all liked the balloons, and it was so colorful and bright. The kids didn't really like when the fire blasts would shoot up in the balloon though (which happened a lot), no matter how many times I told them it was so cool and looked like dragon breath. It was mostly the noise, and they were continually covering their ears and saying, "Too loud!"
It was a really fun and easy event to attend as a family, and I definitely think this will be an annual event for us each Halloween season.

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