Halloween Decorations - Inside Edition

We have the decorations all up for Halloween!  Things aren't too drastically different from last year (see here), but I did add a few new things.

First, the fireplace got the below treatment.

*Note to self - buy some logs for the fireplace already. We never use it, but I should really at least pretend we do.
I added some orange glass votive holders this year. They're so old and never seem to work anywhere. I think I'm just going to delegate them officially to Halloween decor going forward. Oh, and I'm totally a flameless candle convert too. I've never been a big candle lover, and this gives me all the ambiance with just a flick of a button. No more dealing with wax!
Moving onto the living/dining room.

The front door got a new wreath from Target. I love how bright and colorful it is.
I pretty much cleaned Target out of their Dia De Los Muertos stuff this year. It's all my favorite colors and perfectly matches my decor.
I picked up the vinyl table cloth and lanterns new from Target this year as well. The white skulls and black jack-o-lanterns are old.
The bar has my old Mariposa spider candy dish, the sugar skull I got last year, and two new little man and woman skeletons I picked up from Target too. 

*Note to self - put candy in the candy dish prior to taking the picture. I'm definitely not a stylist.
So, that's what we did inside for Halloween this year. Do you decorate for Halloween? Do you just do the outside, or the inside as well?

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