Halloween Decorations - Outside Edition

We looked at the inside decorations last week (see here), so now let's check out the little bit we decorated outside for Halloween.

The new things we added this year were spider icicle lights (from Target) and a few tombstones (from Fry's). The wall hangings on the front door and the lanterns lining the walk are both old.
Of course, Bones, made an appearance again. This year he was dressed as a pirate!
We put our decorated pumpkins out too. The kids both picked out teeny-tiny pumpkins this year, so instead of carving, we just let them paint theirs. Then, we made a Jack-O-Lantern out of the one large pumpkin we had picked up. Madeleine and Seamus designed the face together.
That's it for our Halloween decorations. We're slowly building our outdoor collection. Next year I'm hoping to add a big spider!! Our neighbor had one, and it was pretty awesome. Do you decorate outside for Halloween? It seemed in our neighborhood it was all or nothing. It's definitely something I enjoy doing. 

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