Swing, Swing

It's finally starting to cool down a bit here in Phoenix. We're still in the 90's, but have gotten to the point where the mornings and evenings are quite pleasant. I wanted to get the kids some sort of climber or swing set for the backyard to occupy them this winter, and now we have this!
It took a lot of internet searching to find this baby too - like weeks. Here's how my thought process went down. First, I looked for climbers, thinking we didn't have enough room in our backyard for a swing set. I wanted something substantial though, that would last them quite a few years. Most climbers are pretty small though and only have a top age range of about five. They would have been okay for Seamus, but Madeleine would have outgrown and been bored by them too quickly. I did find two that peeked my interest (here and here), but I ultimately ruled them out because of price - one was $800 and the other $450, and both seemed too much to spend for what you were ultimately getting. I didn't feel either would keep their interest for years, and I also didn't want a big honking plastic thing in my yard either. I was definitely looking for something more aesthetically pleasing. So, I moved onto swing sets.
I started my search looking for wooden swing sets, but found most were either too big or too expensive. A nice wooden swing set can easily cost over $1,500!! Finding nothing initially that would work, I moved on to metal swing sets. They were a lot more reasonably priced (and if I didn't live in Phoenix my search probably would have stopped there), but unless we got some sort of shade structure for over the top of it, metal would end up getting way too hot for them to play on here - even in the winter.
So, I went back to searching for wooden swing sets, and eventually stumbled upon this one here from Wayfair. It met all my criteria. Wood - check! Small - check! Visually pleasing - check! Lots of different activities - check! Under $500 - check! That's right, this bad boy was only $400 on sale (plus Wayfair has free shipping too).

Bill spent 5 hours putting it together over the weekend (my job was to keep the kids out of his way). It's up now, and the kids love it!
Here's to lots of backyard fun this winter!

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