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I'm throwing a bunch of random stuff at you today. It's all things I've been meaning to share, but either never got around to them, or they just didn't warrant an entire post dedicated solely to them. Enjoy!

1.  My health.
I caught a cold at the very end of July, that turned into a bad cough, that is still lingering with me here three months later. I was pretty miserable all summer long. I would have these terrible coughing fits that would last forever and sometimes even cause me to throw up. I went to the doctor twice and tried everything from cough suppressants to inhalers to antibiotics to steroids. Nothing seemed to really work, and I essentially had to just wait it out. It's mostly gone, but I still have little fits here and there (especially at night). I'm so ready to just be healthy again.

2.  Madeleine joined Daisy's.
I had absolutely no intention of having Madeleine become a Girl Scout, but alas, here we are. Bill saw a notice on our neighborhood web page for a troop in our neighborhood, and since she does not go to our local public school, he thought it would be a good way for her to meet some kids in our neighborhood. I reluctantly agreed. She seems to enjoy it, and so far requires very little of my time, so I'm okay with it for now. We'll see though.

3.  Young House Love
I went to another book signing at Changing Hands Bookstore (first time was here). This time it was for the adorable former bloggers John and Sherry Petersik's second book, Lovable Livable Home. Young House Love was a favorite blog of mine for years, and I was so bummed when they stopped blogging. They talked, answered questions, and signed books. It was good to see their faces again, and they were super nice too. 

4.  Paint Night
I did one of those social group painting classes with a few friends. We went to The Brush Bar in Scottsdale, and had a really good time. It was fun, super relaxing, and I actually like how my painting turned out. It will be joining one of our gallery walls soon (see here and here).

5.  Red Moon
Did you see the supermoon lunar eclipse a few weeks back? Bill took this amazing photo of it with his telescope. I was pretty impressed.

6. Anniversary.
Bill and I celebrated our seven-year wedding anniversary a few weeks ago, and did absolutely nothing to celebrate (although I did get flowers and a card). Neither of us were feeling great, and we were both happy to just hang out at home with a bottle of wine. Here's to another year!

7.  Potty Training.
We're attempting to potty train Seamus, but it's not going too well. The boy knows exactly what he is doing, but always tells us too late. We really need to buckle down and do some serious training, but I just haven't had the energy for that yet. Maybe in November.

8.  American Horror Story
I unexpectedly started watching American Horror Story: Hotel. I was intrigued when I heard Lady Gaga was going to be on it, but haven't been much for the whole horror genre since having kids (although I used to love it). After thoroughly impressing me with her appearance on The Tonight Show, I decided to check it out, and I'm totally loving the costumes, music, and art direction. The premiere was seriously disturbing, but it toned down a bit in the second episode. I'm not necessarily recommending this show yet (or ever), but I wanted to give a nod to how visually stunning it is if you can get around all the blood and gore (and be warned there's a lot of that).  

So, that's what's up with me lately. How are things going in your neck of the woods?

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