Day Date - The Book of Mormon

Bill and I took in a Sunday matinee performance of The Book of Mormon over the weekend. We headed to ASU Gammage, which is such a nice theater. We had great seats, and could see everything perfectly. Unfortunately, we completely forgot about lunch, so we were pretty starving by the end of the show; but other than that, we had a great time.
As far as the show itself, I thought it was a really funny and entertaining show, with an actual really good message too. Yes, it specifically pokes fun of the Mormon religion, but it could very easily have been about any religion (my own included). When you really examine the specifics, all religions seem strange and silly and essentially make no sense. That's not the point though. Religion, in its simplest form, is just hope. So, it's not really what you believe, but simply that you believe.

That's how I took it, but I'd be interested to hear what you thought of The Book of Mormon. Did you find it uplifting, offensive, or somewhere in between? I'd especially love to know what you thought if you're a Mormon yourself.

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