Dia De Los Muertos Festival

Madeleine performed with her school at the Arizona Latino Arts & Cultural Center for their Dia de los Muertos Festival last Friday night. She looked adorable in her costume.
It was a really cute performance, but here's what I remember most about the night.

1.  Madeleine and Seamus getting caught in the neighbor's sprinklers minutes before we were about to head out.  Seamus wasn't too bad, but Madeleine got pretty wet.  We toweled her off, and luckily she was dry by the time we got to the venue.

2.  Madeleine untucking her blouse on stage right before the performance started. Ugh!

3.  Seamus not wanting to sit still, getting louder and louder, and eventually me having to take him outside and missing the last song.

There you have it. Just wanted to keep it real for you guys, in case you thought our life was all these pretty blog pictures. I wish!

It was fun though, and the kids did pretty good considering the late hour. The performance didn't start until 7:30pm, which is past Seamus' bedtime and just about Madeleine's. I think it was our first trip into downtown Phoenix at night too. We definitely need to get down there more.

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