Madeleine's 5th Birthday Recap

We celebrated Madeleine's 5th birthday last week!
All she wanted for her birthday was a scooter, and we were more than happy to oblige (it's this one here).
Then, over the weekend, we had a big party for her with all her little school friends. She requested a Dance Party! 
The decorations (from here) weren't really Pinterest worthy or anything, but I thought it all turned out okay. Honestly, with my three day work meeting, parents visiting, and Halloween right before, we're lucky it looked even this good.
Of course, we added some balloons too, which were a big hit with the kids. Madeleine and Seamus are still playing with them.
I even put together goody bags for the kids to take home with them. The glasses and disco ball necklaces were from here, and the buttons, glow sticks, and toy were from here. We had a ton of left over Tootsie Pops from Halloween, so I threw a few of those in each bag too.

As far as food, we had some SkinnyPop, Pirate Booty, soda, and water available for people to just help themselves. For the parents, we also had Mimosas. Then, we served Rosati's pizza (just like home) with fruit, veggies, and milk for lunch.
The cake was from our neighborhood grocery store, Fry's. I thought it was only okay, which was a little disappointing since I loved the one they made for Seamus' first birthday (see here). I think it was the chocolate buttercream frosting...not a fan. It was pretty much devoured though, so I guess everyone else liked it.

We didn't really have any games or activities. They were supposed to, you know, dance for a bit; but that only lasted about 5 minutes (which was alright because it was too bright for our disco ball thingy to work anyway). They mostly just ran around like crazy playing outside or with balloons.

All in all, I think it was a success. I'm not 100% sure though, because for me it felt like a crazy three hour blur of madness. 

Anyway, I know everybody says it, but I have no idea where the last five years went. Seriously, five years! Madeleine is such an amazing little girl, and I feel so blessed that I was chosen to be her mom. I wish I could keep her small forever; but at the same time, I'm really looking forward to the next five years too!

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