2015 Turkey Trot

I know most people have moved on to Christmas already, but I couldn't let Thanksgiving go by without recapping this year's Turkey Trot! This is the second year we've done it now, and it is quickly becoming a favorite Thanksgiving tradition of ours.

We arrived in downtown Phoenix pretty early - before the sun was even all the way up. We found parking right away and since we had over an hour to kill before the race started, we let the kids play in the bouncy houses and then got them balloon animals.
Sadly, neither Spiderman nor Madeleine's Elsa balloon hat made it very long. There were tears, but we persevered.
We headed over to the starting area and had some photo fun before the race began.
Finally, we were off!!
The kids thought they were cruising, but in reality we were pretty much in last place. Seriously, there was probably only ten people behind us, if that. We had planned for them to ride in our stroller, but they immediately wanted to run...then they wanted to ride...then they wanted to run. You get the idea. It was pretty slow going there for a while, but we did eventually gain some ground. Bill and I were a bit stressed until we decided to just forget about our expectations and just let them guide our pace - we would finish whenever we finished. We enjoyed ourselves much more after we had that little eureka moment.
We did eventually finish, yay! Then the kids participated in the Tot Trot, a 40 yard dash for toddlers, and got their faces painted. After that, we headed home, watched the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade (or at least I did), watched the Packers play, and of course, had a nice turkey dinner. I'll always love the big family Thanksgivings of my past, but I'm starting to really enjoy our smaller version as well.

For more Thanksgiving fun, check out last year's Turkey Trot and the Vegetable of the Month - Sweet Potatoes that I made for Thanksgiving dinner.

Okay, so that's officially it for this year's Thanksgiving. Time to bring on Christmas!!

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