Getting Our Christmas Cookie Groove On

With Christmas just a few days away, I knew I had to get cracking on our Christmas cookies. I couldn't leave Santa hanging on Christmas Eve, you know!?! We made sugar cookies again this year (recipe here), along with Bill's favorite cookie bars (recipe here). 

Last week, when Seamus was down for a nap, Madeleine helped me make the dough. As you can see, she takes her baking very seriously.
We did quite a bit of quality control taste testing on our dough too. We tasted it, and then we tasted it again to make sure we would the highest quality sugar cookie. Salmonella be damned!
Before we got to decorating the sugar cookies though, Bill and the kids made his favorite cookie (or bar rather). There were many chocolate chips consumed during the process.
Then, we moved on to decorating the sugar cookies. We started with my preferred way of decorating them. First you roll and cut out the shapes, then you brush them with egg whites, then you douse with sugar crystals or nonpareils, and then you bake. It's fun and a really easy way for little ones to decorate.
I also love how they taste - just the natural sweet taste of the sugar cookie, with a little bit of oompf. Plus, I love how the softness of the sugar cookie juxtaposes with the crunch of the sugar crystals and nonpareils when you bite into it. So, yummy!
Bill prefers Royal Icing on his sugar cookies. We cut and baked just our snowman shape to decorate that way, but we won't be able to finish them until tomorrow. I'll update this post when that happens.

What are your must-have Christmas cookies each year?

UPDATE: As promised, a quick look at our Royal Icing Snowman Sugar Cookies. Bill made the icing (yes, you read that right) and he and Madeleine decorated them (although I helped a little bit with the face and nose).
I love how these cookies look, but they are way too sweet for me in taste. Bill and the kids just love them though.
Here's hoping all these cookies even last until Christmas!

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