It's Time to Trim the Tree

Just a quick post to officially document this year's Christmas tree. It's pretty much decorated exactly like last year's (see here), but it still makes me happy.
I attempted to get a good picture of the tree in the dark again too. I even did a little research this year on camera settings and everything! I think it turned out a bit better than last year. A little more crisp at least.
So, the tree may look the same, but we did add some new Hallmark ornaments to our little collection this year.

First off, our Elf on the Shelf (whose name is Ray by the way) dropped off two ornaments for the kids on December 1st. 
North Pole Tree Trimmers Elf Ornament | Santa Certified Rocking Horse Ornament
These are both series ornaments started for the kids in 2013. Madeleine has the elf series, which looks a lot cuter in person. Seamus has the Santa Certified series, which is one of the best series Hallmark has had in a long while.

Next up, some ornaments I got for myself.
Teeny Tiny Sweets Shop Doughnuts Ornament | A World Within Snowman Ornament | Vintage Holiday Bubble Lights Ornament
Miniature ornaments make me happy, and they also hang really well at the very top of the tree. I thought the pink doughnut box was just too cute. The snowman ornament is the first in a new series - also miniature. Finally, the bubble lights reminded me of the bubble lights my dad always put on our Christmas tree growing up, so I got that one as well.

Next up, courtesy of my mom, some more for the kids! From Frozen, Anna for Madeleine and Olaf for Seamus.
Disney Frozen Princess Anna OrnamentDisney Frozen Olaf in Summer Ornament
Finally, I'm pretty sure Santa is going to drop off the below two in the kids' stockings as well.
Crayola Crayons Big Box of 64 Ornament | MARVEL Spider-Man Spidey's Holiday Spirit Ornament 
Madeleine loves art and coloring at the moment, and Seamus will just love a Christmas Spidey.

What kind of ornaments do you like?

P.S.  I'm still wishing for a white Christmas tree. I'm declaring next year the year I finally pull the trigger on that one.

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