2015 in Review - Celebrity Fashion

This year's award season is right around the corner (seriously, the Golden Globes air this Sunday); but before that happens, let's take a quick look back at all the beautiful gowns from last year.

First up, there were the Golden Globes. I broke down and reviewed the dresses by necklines of all things. Looking over all the photos again, I decided Jessica Chastain's coppery gown was my favorite look. I loved the old Hollywood feel of it all, and the color suited her perfectly.
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Next, the Oscars rolled around. Emma Stone's chartreuse long-sleeved gown was then, and is still my favorite of the bunch. I know it wasn't everybody's favorite, but it hit everything on my gown must-have list (am I the only one that has that?) 
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By far the most avant-garde red carpet of the year, the Met Gala never fails to produce some really spectacular fashion moments (remember Rihanna's giant yellow fur coat or Sarah Jessica Parker's headress?) Ultimately though, it was Fan BingBing's colorful and classy ensemble that really embodied the spirit of the event for me. 
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The Emmy's had a great red carpet last year. I broke up my reviews by colors, patterns, and sparkles. I again changed my mind here, and decided on Zoe Kazan's red and white striped dress as my favorite. It was fun, bold, and different. Combine that with the impeccable styling, and you get one really memorable look. 
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If I could only pick one though, it has to be Fan BingBing's Met Gala look. No one could compete with that cape. It was just too stunning, and made the overall look so incredibly dramatic. 
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