2016 Golden Globes Fashion - Paint it Black

Did you watch the Golden Globes last night? I'm pretty sure everybody was drunk, because it was one hot mess. Seriously, there seemed to be a lot of production glitches and everybody was swearing like crazy! Who cares about the ceremony though, let's talk dresses!!

Julia Louis-Dreyfus
Nominee, Julia Louis Dreyfus, donned this black lace Lanvin number. She's a fan of figure hugging column gowns in either black, white, or red; so this is right in her wheelhouse. They look great on her, but it would be nice to see her branch out a little with her style choices occasionally. The dress itself is pretty, but I think the blue ribbon ribbon belt and clutch were the wrong choice. Black and navy can be worn together well; but in this particular instance, instead of accenting the blue, the black of her dress is overshadowing it. Her hair and make-up are alright, but an up-do and a darker lip would have really elevated this casual look to one more befitting the occasion. Great job on the jewelry though, and overall not a bad look. Classic Julia.

Sophia Bush
Presenter, Sophia Bush, wore this simple Narciso Rodriguez column dress. The chic hair and make-up accent the look nicely; however, with such a plunging neckline, I would have lost the necklace and went with chandelier earrings in the same red as that amazing cocktail ring instead. Overall, it seems a bit too casual for the event, but as a presenter only, I suppose it gets the job done.

Emilia Clarke
Emilia Clarke brought the drama in this Valentino gown. I was a big fan of this look. The skirt and cape are gorgeous, and I loved the high crew neck of the bodice; although it would have worked even better if the nude panels on each side of her bust were black instead. I would have lost the bracelet as well, but the rest of the jewelry works great. Her hair and make-up are lovely and compliment the look well. Nicely done, Emilia.

     Amy Schumer
Nominee, Amy Schumer, wore this Atelier Prabal Gurung black and white ensemble. The idea of it was great, as the color blocking on the bodice makes her waist look super tiny. Unfortunately, the off the shoulder neckline ruins the effect by highlighting her broad shoulders instead. A simple strapless neckline would have worked so much better. Although now that I think of it, if she wore her hair over her shoulders instead of all down her back it might have actually pulled the whole thing together nicely - as would have a nice red lip color and some earrings as well. Oh, and as much as I love a dress with pockets, one should not walk the red carpet with one's hands in one's pockets. Overall, not bad; but more of a missed opportunity instead.

Taylor Schilling
Taylor Schilling's black sequined Thakoon tuxedo was almost working for me...almost. I have no problem with women sporting tuxedo suits on the red carpet; but to really pull them off, the fit has to be impeccable. The pants are working here, but the jacket is way, way off. It's far too blousy to support such a plunging neckline. A little structure and just a skosh more length on the jacket would have vastly improved the overall look. In addition, a sandal would have worked better to balance all the skin she's showing up top better than the pumps we're seeing here. The make-up is a little light too (what's with all the bare faces?) This is a sexy look, and a nice smoky eye and red lip would have really highlighted that. Her hair does look great though. I like the darker blonde color for her, and the jewelry, nails, and clutch are all pretty good too. Again though, another missed opportunity for me.

Caitronia Balfe
Nominee, Caitrone Balfe, looked absolutely lovely in this romantic Alexander McQueen ensemble. The dress is not perfect though. The lace overlay leading up towards the bizarre shoulder ruffles shouldn't work, and I'm really not sure that they do; but somehow the overall look is still reading as dramatic and different in a good way. It was a definite risk, but I think it paid off. The hair, make-up, and minimal jewelry all compliment the look well; plus she's serving serious face too, which always helps any look. Great job!

Uzo Aduba
Nominee, Uzo Aduba, opted for this sparkly black number (couldn't find the designer). I like the idea of the cape-like sleeves; but this particular cut, combined with the popped shoulder are making her appear a bit top heavy. I know I'm starting to sound like a broken record too, but a red lip would have done wonders here as well. And, although the shaggy bob does flatter her, this dress actually could have handled a more severe hairstyle to compliment those hard angles at her shoulder and overall edgy feel of the dress. It's a great dress, but the overall look could have been improved with better styling. This one was just okay for me.

Kirsten Dunst
Nominee, Kirsten Dunst, wore this sexy Valentino Haute Couture gown. I was so impressed with this look, but probably more so because it was such a departure from what she normally wears more so than the actual dress itself. The black velvet is gorgeous, and looks great against her alabaster skin. That one string along her shoulders is disrupting the visual flow for me though. Her boobs look great, but they also look like they're in a box. That's my only quibble though, as everything else is flawless. Beautiful job, Kirsten!

Helen Mirren
Nominee, Dame Helen Mirren looks fantastic, as per usual, in this simple Badgley Mischka dress. It fits her perfectly, and the sweetheart neckline allows her gorgeous jewelry to shine. The only change I would have made was opting for a black clutch instead. Well done!


Lady Gaga
Winner, Lady Gaga, in this black velvet Atelier Versace gown was my favorite black dress of the night (and maybe my favorite overall). The hourglass silhouette of this dress is amazing. I loved how the little bustle on the hip accentuated her tiny waist. The sweetheart neckline and sleeves fit like a glove, and the slight train adds just a little bit of fluidity. Her gorgeous hair evokes old Hollywood, but the sparkly cuffs and almond shaped nails still hint of rock-n-roll. Such a great juxtaposition. She's actually showing very little skin here comparatively, but this was by far, the sexiest look of the night. Funnily enough, I actually like the nude/pinkish lip here. A red lip would have worked, but her hair and dress are just so striking it's not needed. Perfection!

All images from here except for Lady Gaga's which was from here and Caitronia Balfe's which was from here.

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