2016 Golden Globes Fashion - Pink to Red

You may have notice I didn't mention any of the red or blue dresses in yesterdays Over the Rainbow post. Well, that's because there were just so many that I was forced to give them each their own post. So, here's a look at all the dresses that were various shades of red, from barely there pink to the deepest of wines.

Cate Blanchett
Nominee, Cate Blanchett wore this pink, fringed Givenchy number. Cate is someone who has fun with fashion and enjoys taking risks. Yes, this is a little weird, but it's also very pretty - the color, the lace detailing, and the movement of it all make for a very visually interesting gown. I wasn't a fan of her hair, but overall I thought this was a great look. Nicely done, Cate.

Leslie Mann
Leslie Mann wore this blush pink Monique Lhuillier gown. I thought this was a beautiful dress too. The color was lovely, and I enjoyed the flower details on the tulle of the skirt. The high neckline of this dress was more conducive to a pendant instead of the choker she has on here though. Her hair is a little plain too, but her make-up looked great. Overall, not a bad look. Good job, Leslie.

Katy Perry
Presenter, Katy Perry opted for this rosey pink colored column dress. I didn't mind the color, but I thought the fit was off around the bust area. It was the hair though that really ruined the look for me. This was a big miss for me.

Amber Heard
Presenter, Amber Heard, wore this rose colored Gucci gown. It fits her great, and I loved the flower details along the neckline. It's soft, and pretty, and really feminine. The hair, make-up, and jewelry all accented the look really well. Great job, Amber!

Emmy Rossum
Emmy Rossum wore this bright red Armani Prive dress. The silhouette of the dress is nice, but it needed to be hemmed. The hair and make-up are fine, but the overall look is a little plain side. The necklace is fantastic, but wasn't enough to elevate this look to anything higher than just okay for me.

Jennifer Lawrence
Winner, Jennifer Lawrence, wore this red Dior Haute Couture number. I wasn't a fan of the cut-outs at her waist, but otherwise loved this look. It is a really good color on her, and the shape is great. Her hair and make-up were perfect, and that necklace was amazing. Great job, Jennifer!

Natalie Dormer
Natalie Dormer wore this flowy J. Mendel gown. The jarring black neckline really ruined this dress for me. It does not go with the soft, feminine flow of the majority of the dress. It's like someone slapped a collar on her. The hair is messy, and she needed a bolder lip to match the heavy eye she's sporting too. As much as I love her, this one was a miss for me.

Bernadette Peters
Broadway legend, Bernadette Peters, wore this wine colored column gown. The fit is great on her, but the competing reds of the embroidery and dress bugged me. Her accessories aren't helping anything either. The black bag doesn't match, and the earrings and chunky bracelet are too matchy-matchy. This was a miss for me as well.

Disney star, Zendaya, wore this tiered Marchesa dress. I was torn on this one. From the neck up, it's pretty much perfection; but I wasn't sure about the layering of the skirt. I liked the color, texture, and the hints of black peaking through on the dress; and her hair, make-up, and accessories all complimented the look well too. Ultimately, I decided I liked it, wonky skirt and all. Nice job, Zendaya! 


Olivia Wilde
Presenter, Olivia Wilde was my favorite pink/red dress of the night in this sexy Michael Kors sequined gown. The silhouette is great, and I loved the belting, halter neckline, and how the sequins give what could have been a stiff column gown so much movement. There's a liquidity to this dress that is simply amazing. I would have lost the necklace and gone a different direction on the hair, but those are my only little critiques. Beautiful job, Olivia!!

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