2016 Golden Globes Fashion - Shimmer and Shine

Are you ready for more dresses? Here's a rundown of some of the metallic and sparkly dresses from the Golden Globes.
Jane Wu
Jane Wu opted for this silver dress (couldn't find the designer). I love how it looks hard like armor, yet is still fluid like liquid mercury. It's so visually interesting. I would have lost the clutch, but the simple make-up and sleek hair really let the dress shine. Nicely done.

Portia Doubleday
Mr. Robot actress, Portia Doubleday, shines bright in this silver, disco-ball Naeem Khan gown. I like the silhouette and the bodice fits her like a glove. The hair and bare bone accessories were the right choice, but this dress could have definitely handled some bolder make-up. Not a bad look though.

Regina King
Nominee, Regina King, wore this silver, gold, and white Krikor Jabotian number, and I'm wracking my brain to try and come up with one good thing to say about it. There's nothing though, absolutely nothing. This was by far, the worst look of the night. Better luck next time, Regina.

Carly Chaikin
Carly Chaikin wore this oil slick sequined gown (couldn't find the designer). I like the color and fluidity of the dress, but I couldn't get behind the cheap looking halter top. This dress would have looked amazing with a crew neck and short sleeves. Her hair, make-up, and accessories are all pretty good though. This one was just okay for me.

Eva Green
Eva Green wore this sparkly nude Elie Saab gown. The lace and beadwork are lovely, but the color is washing her out. With that red lip she has a real Snow White look going on, and nude wasn't the color to accent that. This one was just okay for me as well.

Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson wore this nude Michael Kors halter and skirt combo. I couldn't get on board with this look either. The lack of color wasn't doing her any favors, but it was the weird neck collar that completely threw the look for me. It completely ruins the silhouette. Her make-up was too shiny, and the black nails seemed off with the complete lack of color anywhere else in the look. This one was a miss for me.

Felicity Huffman
Felicity Huffman sparkled in this wine colored Lorena Sarbu dress. The color and sequins on this dress are lovely, but the detailing on the bust and strap are distracts from that. The jewelry is fun, but the dowdy hair and minimal make-up aren't doing anything to enhance the look. This one was a miss for me as well.

Kate Bosworth
Presenter, Kate Bosworth, wore this pink sequined Dolce & Gabbana gown. The large sequins make the dress look heavy (perhaps that explains her super stiff poses), but it did look pretty amazing on stage. The hair is a little severe. I would have liked to see it down around her shoulders, but the make-up and jewels both compliment the look well. Good job, Kate!

Brie Larson
Winner, Brie Larson, wore this sparkly, gold Calvin Klein number. The bottom half is gorgeous, but the halter top didn't work for me. It looks like it needs to be hiked up a few inches. Her hair, make-up, and accessories were all beautiful though. Plus, she looked super happy to just be there and gave a really cute acceptance speech. Congrats, Brie!


 Rosie Huntington-Whiteley
Model, Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, wore this slinky Atelier Versace dress. I loved the gold color, it hangs off her beautifully, and the shimmer keeps it from looking too casual. Her beach waves and barely there make-up compliment the look well. Beautiful, job!

Do you agree or disagree with me on any of these? Which was your favorite? Let's talk!

All images from here except for Eva Green's which is from here and Jane Wu's image is from here.


  1. Loved Jane Wu......perfect fit.

    1. Yeah, it was different, and you're right...perfect fit. Thanks for reading!