Let's Go To The Movies - Brooklyn

I'm doing my best to see all the films nominated for best picture for this year's Oscars. I surprisingly have only hit one of them so far, The Martian (see here). So, I decided to check out Brooklyn this past weekend.

With little future in her native Ireland, Eilis Lacey decides to leave her family behind and sail to America. Alone and terribly homesick, she starts to wonder if she has made a terrible mistake. Slowly though, she begins to build a life for herself there; one she doesn't want to leave when tragic circumstances call her back home to Ireland. Eilis must now decide whether home is the beautiful and familiar Ireland of her past or the uncertain and exciting future of her now beloved Brooklyn.

I so enjoyed Brooklyn. It was such a quietly beautiful film. Saoirse Ronan, one of my favorite young actresses, shined as the young immigrant, Eilis Lacey. Essentially in every scene of the film; Brooklyn required a strong lead, and Saoirse delivered. Her talent, combined with gorgeous settings and costumes made for a really lovely film. My only complaint was that it felt just a tad too long, and at one point I started to wonder where it was even going, but it eventually found its way back and delivered a satisfying ending. I can't say it was necessarily worthy of its best picture nomination, but Saoirse Ronan's best actress nominee was extremely well deserved. I highly recommend checking out Brooklyn.

P.S. If our little Seamus had been a girl, Bill wanted to name her Saoirse (pronounced Ser-sha). I loved the name, but just couldn't get over the Gaelic spelling. No one would ever be able to pronounce it!! I'm glad we ended up with our Seamus instead (although his name does get mispronounced quite often as well - it's pronounced SHAE-mus).



  1. I've been absolutely dying to see Brooklyn - Saoirse Ronan is one of my favorite actresses. And I told my boyfriend the same thing! When we have children they're going to have gaelic names - he'll get on board...eventually ;)

    xx Lauren

    1. She's great. I loved her in "Hannah" especially.