Phoenix Suns Game

Madeleine had another school performance recently. This time at the Phoenix's Suns game!
The kids showed off their language skills by giving a short speech in Mandarin just before the game. They looked so adorable in their little costumes, and did a really great job. It was so fun to watch Madeleine down on center court and on the big jumbo-tron too! Afterwards, we got to watch the game, although we did leave after the first quarter. It was nearing 8pm, and it was school night after all.

The logistics of the entire thing were a little unorganized, but the kids seemed to have fun. Even Seamus behaved!! All in all, I'd say it was a successful evening. It also marked the kids' first professional sports experience. A Phoenix Suns basketball game. Who'd a thunk it?

Oh, and ever the little feminist, Madeleine said she liked performing; but didn't like the game much because no girls were playing.

P.S. Dia De Los Muertos Festival

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