Bye-Bye Backsplash

We're officially underway on our kitchen refresh! That's what I'm calling it by the way, since we're not doing any major renovations - just cosmetic updates. The first thing we tackled (and by "we" I mean 99% Bill and 1% me) was removing the current slate back splash. I figured it would be messy work, and I didn't want to risk messing up freshly painted cabinetry by doing it after painting the cabinets.

But first, remember the before?
Well, now we're here, and it was quite the ordeal to just get to this too; much more difficult than I had hoped. Using a small crow bar and a hammer, Bill chipped off each individual piece of slate tile one by one.
It did not come off easily or clean. Some tiles left a mesh netting behind. We were able to pull most of that off and the damage to the wall was pretty minimal. Some tiles took off parts of the dry wall behind them. Some left actual holes. And some, the slate tile splinted off leaving just a thin layer of slate on the wall that is practically impossible to get off!!
It took Bill about four days to remove it all. It was slow work and there was a lot of awkward bending and angles involved.
So, instead of being left with a nice smooth surface that we can just slap the new back splash on, we have quite a bit of repair work ahead of ourselves. We're debating between whether we should try to repair holes and skim coat or whether we just cut out all the drywall completely and replace with new.

Your thoughts? We're leaning towards replacing. We've never tiled before, so I think we'd both rather have our first tiling attempt be on the smoothest and evenest surface possible.

P.S. I'm Dreaming Of A Grey Kitchen

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