Ex's and Oh's

I've officially entered Valentine's Day mode here, and there are touches of pink and red popping up all over the house. In general, I'm not much for "crafty" looking holiday decor, so you're most likely never going to find anything made out of burlap, pallets, or twigs gracing the various surfaces of my home - my tastes definitely run more modern. I did find a few items out there though (which I'll share later this week), but I wasn't finding anything cool to deck out my fireplace mantel. I wanted something big and bright, but also just a little bit cheeky too.

So, I decided to go all DIY and make an XOXO sign of my very own.
Wooden Letters - 2 X's and 2 O's ($3.99 each at Target)
Acrylic Paint - Red and Pink (Ladybug Red and Azalea - $1.99 each at Target)
Foam Brushes ($2.99 at Target)

Total cost: $22.93

I picked up everything I needed from literally one aisle at Target, but you can probably find it all at any other craft or fabric store. I really liked Target's wooden letters though. They're bigger and weightier than any others I've seen around.

Okay, here's where I'm supposed to lay out all the "How To" steps for you. Are you ready?


How easy is that? Seriously, it's not rocket science or anything. I painted the X's red and the O's pink, two coats each, front and back following the directions on the paint bottle. I didn't even sand or prime anything before hand (although you totally could do that if you wanted). I just love how they turned out!
The letters stand up fine on their own, but you could also attach them to a board to make the whole thing sturdier. I don't have much ledge space, and keeping them separate will also make them easier to store, so I nixed that idea. I am wondering if there is any sort of top coat I could put on them to make them a little glossier, but for now they're totally working for me as is.

Oh, and if you wanted to make it an even easier project, you could totally just spray paint the letters instead of painting them by hand too.

Fun, right? Do you decorate for Valentine's Day? This is actually my first year doing so, and I'm loving it. Tune in later this week for the full mantel reveal plus more Valentine's Day decor and baking posts too.

P.S. 2016 Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Women and 2016 Valentine's Day Gift Guide - Men

P.P.S. The entire time I was making this I was humming this song. I had never seen the video before. Whew, man candy much!? You're welcome.

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