I'm Dreaming of a Grey Kitchen

At the end of the year, I was thinking a lot about kitchens...specifically our kitchen in all it's honey-colored glory. We haven't done one thing to it since moving in over two years ago (see here). So, we decided it was high time to get on painting the cabinets already. White was the obvious choice, and we started making our plan.
The thing was though, I don't really like white cabinets. I knew it would look good with our dark counter tops, but it just didn't feel like me. Plus, the rest of the house has a lot of white going on already and I kept thinking about how I was always going to be washing fingerprints and such off the doors. But mostly, it just wasn't what I really wanted.
You see, I have been dreaming of grey cabinets, gold hardware, white subway tile, and of course white counter tops as well. Basically, something like this...
Image from here.
I kept thinking I couldn't have this look now though because we have to work with our current charcoal grey counter tops. This was my dream kitchen that I could someday get when we maybe had the funds to do a complete kitchen renovation, which is the same thing as saying basically never.

Then, I saw this photo, and something clicked. I could actually do grey with my dark counter tops. I could do grey cabinets...NOW!
Source unknown.
The more I thought about it the more it made sense. This is what I like right now. A full kitchen renovation is so far in the future for us that most likely what I like right now will no longer be in style, and I will probably like something else at that point anyway too. I would have always missed out on having what I wanted in favor of picking the safe choice. Yes, white cabinets would look better than what we currently have, but I'd probably still end up resenting them for not being my dream kitchen as well. And yes, it is entirely possible to resent your kitchen cabinets.

In addition, this grey cabinets with dark counter tops look would also let me try out another trend I'm currently loving...white subway tiles with dark grout!
Image from here.
I ran my ideas by Bill, and he was on board, and I'm happy to say my dream kitchen is happening now people! We've already removed the current back splash, sanded all the cabinets, and even started priming. I'll have a lot more posts coming detailing the entire progress soon. Stay tuned and remember dreams really can come true!


  1. This is so exciting Em! I can't wait to see what you do. Even though we did ours a few years ago and it's a huge improvement to what it was, I have been dreaming of a new kitchen too. Is it to early to paint cabinets that are not that old?

    1. I feel like yours are probably a better quality than our builder grade ones, but it is amazing how quickly you can tire of a new look. Paint 'em, stain 'em - or you could just change up the hardware and accessories for a totally new look.

  2. I want to move our washer/dryer to the basement and make a bigger kitchen by going into the laundry room. I don't think I will ever get Kevin on board with that though. That would be a huge project.

  3. I love the idea of great cabinets. My friend's kitchen actually looks very similar to your current kitchen. Her cabinet and countertops look exactly the same as yours. She usually goes for grey, but decided to go with white instead. I think both grey and white would work good for both of your visions, as they seem very similar. A light color will add so much life to that kitchen.