Let's Go To The Movies - Spotlight and The Revenant

I got out and saw two more of the films nominated for best picture at this year's Oscars - Spotlight and The Revenant.

First up, Spotlight!

Spotlight tells the true story of how The Boston Globe's investigative journalist team, "Spotlight", brought to light the story of sexual abuse cases of children by Catholic priests in the Boston area and unearthed the astounding cover-up that ensued these cases by Church officials and others.

Spotlight was a quiet, yet riveting film. There were no fancy costumes or beautiful settings, but none of that was needed when your story is strong enough, and Spotlight is all story. A true ensemble cast, everybody played their part equally well. The film felt real, and might just be the best "journalist" film that I've ever seen. I highly recommend seeing Spotlight, but no need to rush out to the theater. You'll enjoy this one equally when it comes out on DVD later this month.

Next up, The Revenant.

After being brutally attacked by a bear, fur trapper, Hugh Glass (Leonardo DiCaprio), is betrayed and left for dead by a fellow trapper, John Fitzgerald (Tom Hardy). Glass miraculously survives the attack and embarks on a harrowing journey across the American wilderness to save himself and exact his revenge upon Fitzgerald.

The Revenant was a dark and brutal film that brilliantly showed the harshness that was the American wilderness. Leonardo DiCaprio's physically demanding performance was impressive, but for me, it was Tom Hardy who really stood out. His portrayal of the selfish John Fitzgerald was downright sinister. Amazing performances combined with breathtaking locations, gorgeous cinematography, and stunning special effects, The Revenant is one of the strongest films I have seen in some time.

Have you seen either of these films? What did you think?

As far as the other nominees, Bill and I caught Mad Max: Fury Road on HBO last week. It had some incredibly visually stunning elements to it, but not much of a story. I'm going to rent Bridge of Spies off Amazon soon, and still hope to catch Room in the theater yet. We'll see though. All my movie buddies just had or are just about to have babies!! Crazy!

P.S. The Martian | The Big Short | Brooklyn 

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