Prepping for Paint - Part 1

The next step in our kitchen refresh, after removing the back splash (see here), was to sand and degloss all the cabinet bases and doors.

Actually, before we could do that, we had to fill a few holes with wood filler first. One of the very first things we did was pick out the new hardware for the cabinets (more on that later). We knew we were switching from knobs to handles, so we needed to know if the current position of each knob hole would work for the new handles. Turns out they did! That meant we only had to patch the holes on our long set of drawers next to the fridge. They had two handles each previously, but we're replacing with one long handle on each instead.
Of course after we took the doors off, we noticed there were a lot of extra holes on the back of each door for some reason. So, while Bill removed all the hinges and hardware from each door, I patched any additional holes I found.
Once all the holes were patched, we were ready to sand! We hung a plastic sheet in the kitchen to keep the dust contained and, we made sure to wear masks too. In addition, I didn't wear, but could have definitely used, some protective eye wear. I'd highly recommend that if you're going to attempt a project like this in the future to keep any dust from getting in your eyes.
Everything got sanded twice. First with a 60-grit sand paper to really get the old finish off, then with a 120-grit sand paper to smooth everything out.
After that, it was time for the liquid deglosser. Some might argue this was an unnecessary step as using a liquid deglosser can technically be used in place of sanding. We were following instructions from Young House Love though, favorite and trusted bloggers of mine, and they felt it was worth the extra step. After doing it, I agree. The deglossing really helped to clean the surface and get all the extra dust from sanding off too. We deglossed the base cabinets and doors two times each.
Basically, our motto throughout this was, "If we're going to do it, then let's do it right." It was a lot of work, but we wanted it both to look as good as possible and also last as long as possible too. Definitely worth it even though we were chomping at the bit to finally start painting already! Stay tuned.

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