Prepping for Paint - Part 2

The next part of prepping the cabinets for paint was priming the base cabinets and doors. After all the work we had put in sanding (see here) it was fun to actually pick up a roller and finally cover up that wood! 
Priming is pretty easy. If you can paint, you can prime. We used this primer, which contains no VOC's or hazardous pollutants. I liked it. It didn't dry too fast, so we could take our time; and there was literally zero smell. We applied it with a small angled brush and foam roller. Our goal was to apply the primer as thin, even, and smooth as possible.
Next, we spread out all the doors in our living room. Actually, first we laid books on the floor, then covered the floor with plastic, then placed the doors on the books to prop them up off the floor while we primed. It worked really well, and made it so easy to prime the sides of each of the doors.
We primed the backs of the doors over Seamus' nap, then after the kids went to bed we flipped them and primed the fronts. It was definitely the most satisfying step yet.
And with that, we were finally ready to paint! First we had to pick a color though. Stay tuned.

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