2016 Oscars - Jewel Tones

There were a lot of beautiful jewel toned gowns on the red carpet. Let's get to it!

Chrissy Teigen
Chrissy Teigen showed off her baby bump in this red lacey Marchesa gown. The more I look at this dress, the more I love it. The nude fabric is not my favorite, but it does set off the wine colored embroidery beautifully. The silhouette is gorgeous - love the train. The hair and accessories are spot-on, but the make-up was a skosh too light for me. I would have preferred to see a nice wine lip to match the dress and nails. That's my only quibble though. Beautiful job, Chrissy!

Margot Robbie
Presenter, Margot Robbie, wore this gold sequined Tom Ford number. I loved this look. This is how you do sexy on the red carpet. There's no need to show a ton of skin. She's pretty covered up from head to toe except for the deep v-neck, and it's such a great juxtaposition. The sequins add a lot of movement and texture to the gown as well. Her hair is a little unkempt, and the dress is just a bit too long. Other than that, great look!

Olivia Munn
Presenter, Olivia Munn, wore this one-shouldered orange Stella McCartney gown. This is a hard color to pull off, but I think it works well with her coloring. It's simple and classic, but still visually interesting. I didn't love her hair or make-up, and the accessories are a little sparse; but overall - not a bad look. Nice job, Olivia.

Rachel McAdams
Nominee, Rachel McAdams, wore this emerald green August Getty dress. I was torn on this one. It was pretty gorgeous from the back, but I was so annoyed by the front. I wasn't a fan of the halter neckline and the slit seemed like too much when combined with the bare back. It should really have been one or the other. Gold accents would have been my choice for shoes and jewelry too. Finally, it's wrinkled in the front, which is a big red carpet no-no. However, the color is gorgeous, the train and bare back really brought the drama, and her hair and make-up all looked pretty great. Overall though, this one was only okay for me.
Saoirse Ronan
Saoirse Ronan looked spectacular in this slinky and sparkly Calvin Klein number. The dress is gorgeous. I loved the color and all the sequins. I only wish it had been lined all the way down. Her hair and make-up looked great. The mismatched earrings (one is white and one is green) bugged a little bit, but not enough to damper the overall effect. This is by far the best she has ever looked on the red carpet. Beautiful job, Saoirse!

Mindy Kaling
Mindy Kaling donned this black and blue Elizabeth Kennedy dress, which struck me as more politician's wife than Hollywood red carpet. It fits her well, and the back is very dramatic. However, I still found it kind of boring. The red clutch was the wrong choice as well. It definitely needed more sparkle in the front, and a fun jewel/beaded clutch would really have helped. Her hair and make-up might be a personal best for her though. Love the face. Overall, this look was only okay for me as well.

Brie Larson
Winner, Brie Larson, wore this cobalt blue Gucci gown. I loved this dress from the waist down. The belt is gorgeous and I love the all the ruffles and pleating in the skirt. There's something a little off in the bodice though that I just can't put my finger on. Am I right? Her hair, make-up, and accessories all complimented the look really well though. Good job, Brie!

Sofia Vergara
Presenter, Sofia Vergara, wore this midnight blue Marchesa gown. The color of the gown is gorgeous, and I loved all the intricate folds and sequins too. There's so much movement and visual interest. Her hair, make-up, and jewelry all compliment the look well. In addition, I was pleasantly surprised to see her move away from the body hugging mermaid gowns she seems to prefer for her red carpet appearances. Personal best, Sofia!

Patricia Arquette
Last year's winner, Patricia Arquette, wore this navy blue Marina Rinaldi column dress. This wasn't my favorite dress, but for Patricia Arquette it's pretty good. The color and fit suit her and the neckline is interesting. I would have opted for a silver clutch over the blue, but her hair, make-up, and jewelry are all pretty good. Nice job, Patricia.

Naomi Watts
Naomi Watts looked stunning in this blue and purple ombre number by Armani Privé. This was one of my favorite dresses of the night. The colors and sequin work are gorgeous! Her hair looks good, and I liked the lip color. The clutch seems a little heavy, but the necklace is spectacular. Great job, Naomi!

Tina Fey
Presenter, Tina Fey, wore this royal purple Versace dress. It's a gorgeous color and fits her well. It's structured, but the fabric brings a nice softness to it. The necklace is beautiful, but I was not a fan of her hair at all. She should have worn it down. Other than that though, pretty good look.

Reese Witherspoon
Also in royal purple, Reese Witherspoon, wore this Oscar de la Renta gown. This is classic Reese. She knows what works for her and sticks to it. Again, gorgeous color, and I liked the details along the neckline. The jewelry, hair, and make-up all compliment the look well. She looks great, but I kind of feel like I've seen this look from her many times before. Overall though, good job.

And finally...
Charlize Theron
Charlize Theron was a stunner in red in this slinky Christion Dior number. This was a fantastic look. That dress was absolutely made for her statuesque figure. It fit great. It was dramatic. It was sexy. Her hair and make-up were perfect, and I loved the jewelry. That necklace is spectacular! Beautiful job, Charlize.

What was your favorite of this bunch? Stay tuned for the pastels tomorrow.

All images from here, except for Chrissy Teigen's and Sofia Vergara's which were from here, the second Rachel McAdams image is from here, and the second Mindy Kaling image is from here.

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