Can you handle it?

When we last left off on the kitchen refresh we had finally painted the cabinets grey (see here), but we had yet to install the new hardware - gold hardware to be exact.

Yes, that's right, gold hardware is totally back in fashion. Not the brassy, shiny gold hardware of the 80's and 90's though, but matte golds (and rose golds) in simple, classic shapes.

I knew I wanted to do pulls, as opposed to knobs, and that I need them in a couple different sizes too. They also needed to be affordable, as we needed 33 of them. After a very long internet search, I finally pulled the trigger on these babies from
Most cabinets and drawers got the standard 3" pull, but the three long drawers next to our refrigerator got the 17.5" long pulls. They look super sharp.
Changing the hardware is such an easy update you can do to any kitchen to instantly make it feel more modern.
A handy hardware template makes it easy to install everything straight and level too.
I'm so pleased with how they turned out!
They're the perfect compliment to our newly painted cabinets, and they look truly finished now. The cabinets that is, not the entire kitchen yet.
Next up, the back splash! Although it might be a little bit before we're done with that. In the meantime, you can catch-up on the entire kitchen refresh project below. Stay tuned!

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  1. Nice handles...I just realized our cabinets don't have any handles and they are white! Makes for a whole lot of wiping after my three little bears and Papa bear. Enjoy your kitchen renovations.

    1. Hah - I can only imagine. All our interior doors are white, and I'm constantly wiping them clean all the time. Thanks for reading!