Three Shades of Grey

Picking a paint color is not something that comes easily to me. I've learned over the years that my eyes can't be trusted. So, when it came time to pick a paint color for our cabinets, I went straight to Pinterest. I searched something like "best grey paint colors for cabinets", and based off what I found, put together a list of about 12 Benjamin Moore paint colors.

Armed with my list, I headed to Ace Hardware to gather paint chips for each, but I couldn't find them. Well, I found about two of them, but could not find any of the others. So, I decided to just grab a bunch of "grey" paint chips and figure something out at home. At the last second though, I decided to ask for help, and the awesome guy at the paint counter helped me find all the other ones on my list. He was able to look up the coordinating numbers to the names I had, which is a lot easier to search for when you're just staring at a big wall of paint chips.

So, why couldn't I find them?

Turns out what my eye reads as grey is actually blue. In fact, all the paint chips I picked on my own were all very much in the blue spectrum. All the grey colors I found from my Pinterest search were much more in the brown spectrum.

I headed home with my Pinterest colors and the ones I had picked out on my own. When I laid them all out, I was able to immediately disregard all the ones I had picked out myself. At home, and next to the other samples, I could finally see they were all too blue.

Left with just my Pinterest colors, I was able to weed out quite a few more that were either too brown or too green.

Finally, we were left with these three...
Smoke Ember

Stone Harbor

We picked up a sample of each of the colors and tested them in a couple spots in the newly primed kitchen.
We immediately nixed Fieldstone as being too green, so were left with Smoke Ember and Stone Harbor.
It was a pretty easy and unanimous decision. Smoke Ember felt too light to us, and tonally wasn't right with the counter tops. Stone Harbor though was pretty much exactly what we were looking for. It reads as a true grey in all light, has a nice depth, and looks great against our counter tops.

And with our paint color picked, we were finally ready to paint. Tune in Monday for the big reveal!

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  1. This is so exciting! I can't wait to see how it all turns out. Something like this might be in my future soon.