Yay for Grey!

We're done painting, and the kitchen is back put together! It's obviously not done yet, but it's functional again, and well - grey!! So, yay!
We used the same technique to paint as when we primed (see here). First, we laid all the doors on our living/dining room floor propped up on books that were covered with plastic sheet to protect them and the floors. We used a small angled brush to get into all the crevices and a small foam roller for all the flat surfaces making sure the to apply as thinly as possible. It took two coats.
As careful as we were, we still ended up with a few drip marks and bubbles though. After each coat dried we lightly sanded any we found and touched up with the paint where needed.
The paint color looks great against the counter tops. There's a moodiness to it that I really like.
Also, you can still see the wood grain on the cabinets when you look closely. I knew that going in, and like the look. It's not a manufactured, matte-type finish. If you're looking for that look, this is not the technique to use. Be warned, the finished product here looks like painted wood.
I talked about the paint color we chose (see here), but not the actual paint. We used Benjamin Moore Advance, which is a self-leveling paint perfect for cabinets. Again, we chose the color Stone Harbor in a Satin finish.
I love how they turned out, and can't wait to finish up the project. We still need to, among other things, install new hardware (you can see a sneak peak of the handles we picked in these pictures), put the new back splash up, and paint the walls yet.

Working around the kiddos, it took us exactly two weeks to get to this point. So, for now, we're just patting ourselves on the back for finishing this part of the job.

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  1. Looks beautiful...alot of work but you really have a new kitchen. Great job

    1. Thanks, Karen! It was a fun project to do together.

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks, Stella! It's so nice of you to stop by and check out the blog.