Do-It-Yourself Diaper Cake

A friend of mine recently had twins! For her baby shower (way back in January), I decided to take a stab at making her a diaper cake. It ended up being super easy, so I thought I'd share with you a little tutorial in case you ever wanted to make one of your own. They make such a fun addition to any baby shower. I remember, my aunt made one for my own baby shower, and I used every single diaper from that cake! Nothing like decor that is pretty and practical!
Here's what you'll need...
Diapers - in size NB or 1 (I wasn't sure how many I would need when I took this picture, but two packages or around 75-80 diapers worked perfect)
Three Circular Pans in different sizes
String and/or Rubber Bands
Empty Paper Towel Roll
Hot Glue Gun
Ribbon and other Decorative Items

Starting with the largest circular pan, place the diapers in the pan one by one. Each diaper should be inserted behind the next, sticking slightly out further than the one in front of it. Continue around the pan until you have a basic circle, and then fill the center by rolling a few diapers and putting them in upright. Do the same thing for the next two smaller circular pans.
Next, slightly lift the diapers out of the pan and put a string or rubber band around the entire circle to keep the circle in place. Rubber bands are easiest and creates a tight hold. I used rubber bands on my smaller two circles, but had to use string on the biggest one. Once the circle is secure, turn the pot over and pop-out the diaper circle.
You should be left with three circles in different sizes. Now's the time to adjust the diapers, if needed, to make sure the overlap is consistent all the way around. You'll notice on the smallest circle there ended up being no center hole to fill.
Next up, stacking the cake. Grab your empty paper towel roll and stick it in the center of the biggest circle, then slide the middle and top layers onto the roll. You'll be left with a sturdy little structure that looks like this.
Note, if I had to do it again, I would have used a brand of diapers that didn't have an overall design on it, like Pampers. I forgot that you would end up seeing the design when it was all put together. Pampers has that yellow line in the middle, but it would get covered by the ribbon in the next step and end up looking more like just a regular white cake instead. I shrugged it off as a rookie mistake though and just kept on going. Finally, it's time to decorate the cake!
I wrapped a ribbon around each layer and secured it with my hot glue gun. Bill helped with this step by holding the ribbon taut while I glued. I added a pink and blue pom-pom on top (because she was having boy/girl twins), and added a little pom-pom garland around the bottom of each layer too.
For the final touches, but totally optional, I wrapped a wooden "T", which is the first letter of their last name, with multi-colored yarn and picked up little stuffed elephants (her favorite animal) in pink and blue to flank the cake on the table.

There you have it! The perfect little addition to your next baby shower. Enjoy!

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