Prepping for New Backsplash

We're slowly making progress towards finishing the backsplash in the kitchen. As you'll recall, it originally looked like this...a dark and heavy slate subway tile.
The removal process didn't go as smoothly as we had planned (see here), and we were left with a terribly uneven surface, and even some holes!
We debated whether we should try and repair it, or just cut it out and replace with new drywall. We opted for the latter. Which brings us to where we are currently.
Bill got to work cutting out the damaged wall, and fitting in new pieces of dry wall. He also made sure the walls were ending up level as well. In a few places, he had to fit dry wall shims behind each sheet to make sure that happened.
Then, he taped the seams with dry wall tape and used thin-set to fill any remaining gaps.
It's a vast improvement to the shape the walls were in before, but we still have a bit of work to do yet before we're ready to start tiling. We're getting there though.

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