Toddler Shows That Aren't Too Annoying

As a parent, you end up watching a lot of children's television. A lot of it is really, really annoying (I'm talking to you Team Umizoomi). But every once in a while we stumble upon a show that is not only good for kids, but entertaining for adults too. Here are my top four shows for toddlers that I honestly don't mind watching with the kiddos either.

Tumble Leaf on Amazon

We found this one pretty recently and I love it. It's a sweet little show about a blue fox named Fig, his pet worm Stick, and their other animal friends. Fig lives in a shipwreck, and at the start of each episode a little crab throws something that has washed up on the beach into Fig's treasure chest aka "The Finding Place" for Fig to discover and thus starts his daily adventure. It's very innocent and perfect for the preschool crowd. What really gets me though, is the animation, or more specifically the stop motion animation. It's all so intricate and colorful and I find it fascinating. There's an innocence and stillness factor to this show that really appeals to me as a parent and a person. I could watch this one all day.

Sofia the First on Disney Jr.

Okay, so I'm sure you already know about Sofia the First. Most of what Disney touches turns to gold, and Sofia is no exception. However, I think this show actually deserves it, as there's something about Sofia that I find really appealing. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and their other shows (including their newest The Lion Guard) are all okay, but after awhile I get so sick and tired of all of them...but Sofia? Not yet. The animation style was really different when it premiered, and a few years later it still seems fresh. Sofia is a great heroine, and her princess lessons are lessons we want all our kids to learn. Combine that with a fun cast of characters, bright colors and costumes, and great music too; it's a show I always enjoy.

Phineas and Ferb on Disney XD

We discovered Phineas and Ferb when Madeleine was still pretty young and have been fans since. Two step brothers, Phineas and Ferb, along with their little friends spend each day of summer vacation (104 days to be exact) building some sort of out-of-this-world invention and having crazy adventures. Phineas' older sister, Candace, spends her days trying to bust them. There's also an evil scientist and a super-spy platypus - oh, and the music in this one is really fun too. Phineas and Ferb is probably more for the 7+ age, but it's innocent enough that toddlers will enjoy it too. There's plenty of jokes thrown in just for us adults, and the running gags make each episode a ton of fun.

Peg + Cat on PBS
This little gem is my favorite one of all. Precocious Peg and her talking cat (whose name is also Cat) solve problems using math. This show is silly and hilarious. There's so much in it that makes no sense if you think about it too much, but it works. Your kids will start learning all about shapes, numbers, and basic math concepts. They'll love how silly it is, and the fun songs too. You'll tune in for the super quick and really smart jokes (usually told by Cat). Peg + Cat is the perfect mix of innocence and sass.

Those are my favorites. What are yours? I'd also give honorable mentions to My Little Ponies: Friendship is Magic and Miles From Tomorrowland. Which shows can't you stand? For me, it's Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, Team Umizoomi, any 90's cartoons on Netflix like Sonic, Pokemon, or Dragon Tales, and most everything on Nickelodeon.

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