2016 Met Gala - Honorable Mention

Are you ready for more celebrity fashion? These are the looks I thought were all pretty good. Not quite as risky as yesterday's gals (see here), but still attempting to be on theme or at least just visually interesting.

Here we go! 

Beyoncé in Givenchy
Beyoncé wore this fluid latex dress. I actually liked the latex and the overall shape of the dress. I wasn't loving the color though, and so sorry, but the pearls (or whatever they are) all over the dress kinda really look like pimples! Am I right? Overall though, the cool use of latex did make it one I'll remember. Not bad, Bey.

Brie Larson in Proenza Schouler
The first few times I saw Brie Larson's sequined tiered dress I wasn't loving it. I thought it was too casual looking for the event, but it has since really grown on me. The sequins are really quite cool, and the cut-outs, tiered skirt, and bow bring a lot of visual interest. Plus, the tea length allows for the chance to showcase the shoes, which I thought were cute. The simple hair and dark lip accent the look well. Good job, Brie!

Katie Holmes in Zac Posen
I'm probably alone on this one, but I really liked Katie Holmes look here. The color is a favorite of mine, and the shimmer of the bodice and embroidery at the hem help up the fanciness factor for the event. Combine that with the interesting necklace and super long straight hair and you get a really nice relaxed, but still dressy look. It's not necessarily on theme, but it's not just resting on pretty either. Not bad, Katie.

Naomi Harris in Burberry
I loved the multi-colored floral brocade fabric of Naomi's gown. It's colorful, but still has an interesting metallic look to it. The proportions of the dress work really well too. The plunging v-neck looks almost demure when combined with the long sleeves and heavy fabric. Her necklace was the perfect choice as well. The hair, make-up, jewelry, and clutch all compliment the look perfect. Well done, Naomi!

Sienna Miller in Gucci
I loved the shimmery gold fabric of Sienna's dress. The shape was not my favorite, and I wasn't a huge fan of the bow; but the fabric just kept pulling me back to this look. It looks like liquid gold, and the little pops of red, silver, and green really made it stand out. I wasn't a fan of the clutch, but her jewelry, hair, and make-up all worked well with the overall look. Good job, Sienna.

Kate Bosworth in Dolce & Gabbana
I thought the juxtaposition of the top half and bottom half of Kate's gown made for an interesting look. The bodice is almost like armor, and the skirt has a Victorian nightgown feel to it. It's definitely a gown I'd love to inspect closer. The severe hair and make-up has a certain femme-bot feel to it that surprisingly makes it feel very on theme. Good job, Kate.

Saoirse Ronan in Christopher Kane
Saoirse's was actually one of my favorite gowns of the night. I loved the simple column silhouette, the high collar, and the pink, grey, and black color scheme. The fun feathers and embroidery add the visual interest needed at an event like this. Her eye make-up was distracting though, and the hair a bit too casual. With a little better head styling this look could have been absolutely amazing. Still, not bad, Saoirse.

Lupita Nyong'o in Calvin Klein
Lupita's look was actually more about the hair then the dress, and to be honest, I didn't love it. However, I give her big props for taking the risk. The dress is pretty, but I wish it had not gone sheer towards the bottom. It would have been a far better look if the saturated solid sequining continued all the way through the train. It's a pretty color though, and her make-up, jewelry, and clutch all work well with it. Not bad, Lupita.

Taylor Swift in Louis Vuitton
As Co-Chair of the event, I was expecting a lot from Taylor's look, so I was a little disappointed with her overall ensemble here. This is the Met Gala and an amazing gown is really the way to go; not a cocktail dress! Where's the drama? I'll admit, she did achieve an interesting Sci-fi look though. The dress fits her well, and the metallic fabric worked for the night. The boots are pretty fierce too. She actually wasn't the only one to go short, and of those who did, hers was by far the best look. So, for that, I included her here. You get a pass, Taylor.


Kendall Jenner in Atelier Versace
I have to admit the Jenner girls did well. First, Kyle showed up in my best of the night picks (see here), and now little Kendall goes and rocks this amazing look. The interesting construction of the gown is on theme, but it is really the flawless fit that makes this such a memorable look. The jewelry and make-up work well, but I would have liked to have seen her hair down. Some really straight and sleek hair would have been really cool. And, if I'm quibbling, a darker accent color then the beachy blue would have really knocked it out of the park. Overall though, this was a fantastic look. Well done, Kendall!

So, how do you think these ladies did? Let's talk dresses!

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All photos from here.

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