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You guys, I am seriously excited for the Netflix's Gilmore Girls revival. This is my equivalent of Star Wars or Star Trek or anything star related that guys usually geek out over. They recently released some photos, and I'm giddy with anticipation.

Looks like a classic Lorelei and Rory mother-daughter moment complete with Chinese take out, Pop-Tarts, ice cream, and candy. What could Rory be obsessing over?
Yes! Luke and Lorelei look like they're still together. It better stay that way too. I've waited too long to see their happy ending, and I'll be crushed if it doesn't happen.
Is Rory a professor now? If so, is she teaching at her Alma Mater, Yale? What happened to journalism? Maybe she's teaching journalism! Ahh, I need to know!!
Of course we'll be seeing Emily Gilmore. How sad that Edward Herrmann who played Rory's grandfather, Richard, has passed away. He'll be missed, and I'm curious how the show will address his absence.
It wouldn't be Gilmore Girls without a Stars Hallow Town Meeting. I wonder what absurd issue Taylor is ranting about now?
Stars Hallow: The Musical!! Genius! Also, what is Rory wearing and why?
So may questions that I can't wait to get answered. I'm totally prepared too. I just re-watched the entire series late last year, so it's still all very fresh in my mind. I knew that was time well spent. 

Oh, and Melissa McCarthy confirmed she'll be reprising her roll as Sookie! Icing on the cake! 

I cannot freaking wait for this!!

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