Hang 'Em High

Back in early 2000's all my favorite pop stars (Britney, Christina, Beyoncé) were rocking low-rise jeans. I hopped on the low-rise jean train and happily showed off my curves through most of my twenties.

Ten years and two pregnancies later, I think I want off the train.

Thankfully, fashion in on my side again, as I've been seeing high-waisted jeans popping up all over the place. Yay!
I recently picked up these jeans from The Loft in the dark wash and am loving the way they fit. With the higher waist everything feels so nicely tucked away. There's no risk of a muffin top situation with these babies. They only had my size in the dark wash in the store, but I plan on ordering the lighter wash color online soon.

What do you think? Are you into the high-waist look? What about flares? It's been skinny jeans for ages now, but I'm starting to see flares again too. What are your favorite jeans?

This post totally brought this old SNL skit to mind. How long until I turn into this, do you think? Chris Parnell's face when Rachel Dratch meets him on the porch for their date is priceless!

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