Family Photos

I like to get family photos taken a couple of times a year to showcase how the kids have grown; usually right around their birthdays in March and November. Here's a quick look at the session we did shorty after Seamus turned three back in March.
I still can't believe this little guy is three. Also, his eyes kill me every time.
Partners in crime, these two. 
My beautiful girl - inside and out.
I mean, come on, how cute are they!
Love this little family of mine. 
I had trouble finding a good photographer here in Phoenix. So, if you're local, we used Jeni Lewis Photography and I was very happy with her prices and product.

Do you take family photos? What do you do with the photos? I always mean to print out one to frame, but half the time I forget. Eventually, I'm going to put all our professional family photos and portraits into a digital album, but who knows when I'll get to that. When I do actually get around to making books, I like to use MyPublisher.

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