Let's Go To The Movies - Captain America: Civil War

Bill and I got out over the weekend to see Captain America: Civil War.

When the actions of the Avengers causes substantial collateral damage, politicians get involved to put a system of accountability in place for them. The team is divided, with Captain America believing strongly they should be able to do their jobs without government interference, while Iron Man is in favor of a little oversight. When Captain America's old, but dangerous, friend Bucky Barnes, aka Winter Soldier, is framed for a deadly bombing at the UN, the team is pitted against each other in a fight that could end the Avengers for good.

As far as big-budget summer blockbusters go, Captain America: Civil War was decent enough. I will say it did feel a bit contrived though. Did we really need the Avengers fighting each other? In some ways it felt like they just threw this movie together to make some money (which they did). In other ways, it was a lot of fun; if for no other reason than for the introductions of Black Panther and Spider Man. Don't expect much in the way of plot, as upon too close inspection it really starts to fall apart. However, if you're just looking for a little fun and a whole lot of fighting from your movie experience, then you'll enjoy this one well enough.

Did you see this one? What did you think? I'm starting to wonder how many more of these Avengers movies we'll be getting. I like them and all, but the casts are getting so big that, in my opinion, they're starting to suffer. There's just too many big names competing for too little screen time.

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