Beat the Heat

It's getting really hot here in Phoenix (like seriously, they're predicting we'll hit 120° this week!!); and as fun and refreshing as our pool is, it's not always the easiest thing to do or the funnest activity for Bill and me (#firstworldproblems). It's crazy the amount of time it takes to get everybody in their swimsuits, lotioned up with sunscreen, and out to the pool. Then, Bill and I have to, obviously, be actively watching the kids in the pool at all times. It's a lot of work, for what is, at the most, an hour's worth of activity before the kid's lips are turning blue and it's time to go back in. I'm missing our beautiful winter days where the kids would just open the back door, run outside, and play to their little hearts' content.

Then, I remembered an old post I had read on Cup of Jo (a fantastic blog, by the way) about how a friend of hers had gotten a little bouncy house to use in the winter months that fit in their living room of their New York apartment. What a great idea!

A little bit of research later, and we had pulled the trigger on this bouncy house.  I thought it was reasonably priced ($170), it fit in our living room, supposedly inflated and deflated in only 30 seconds, and had amazing reviews on Amazon.  I was sold.
We opted for the one with the slide to give the kids a little bit more variety.
It's a definite hit with the kiddos!
It takes up most of our living room, but honestly, we don't use that room much on a day-to-day basis anyway. So, why not, right? (#YOLO)
For now, we just leave it deflated in the living room, so we can inflate it anytime Madeleine and Seamus feel like using it. I wish I could say they play in it for hours at a time, but it's really more like 15 minute stretches here and there throughout the day. Since it inflates and deflates so quickly though (30 seconds as promised), it's super easy to just switch it on and off as needed.

The kids love it, and I love it! They get their energy out, and Bill and I get the occasional break. Win, win - and quite possibly the best $170 I've ever spent.

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