My Favorite Color Is Rainbow

I recently talked about how I may secretly like the color orange (it tends to creep up a lot in my decor, see here), and how one of the reasons I end up with a lot of orange is because I'm so attracted to rainbows. I can't help it; they're so bright and cheery! I figure why pick one color when you can go with all the colors!
Image from here.
I thought it'd be fun to round up all the rainbow decor items that have been catching my eye lately. There isn't a room in the house that can't be instantly brightened with a little splash of rainbow!
Rainbow Peak Blanket ($79)
Banded Color Stripe Rug ($399-$799)
Rave Rainbow Shower Curtain ($39.97)
LIXHULT Storage Combination ($210)
Melamine Round Serving Tray ($9.99)
Elevate Utensils ($8.99 each)
Rainbow Knife Block Set ($79.99)
Gemma Campaign Extra Wide Dresser ($1,199)
Fiesta Dinnerware (prices vary)
Aren't you in a happier mood now? I picked up the round rainbow tray for our kitchen a little bit ago - it's currently holding our mail. I've also been an avid Fiestaware fan for ages (see here). What I'm really digging is that campaign dresser though. So cool!

Do you love a good rainbow? What are your favorite colors to decorate with? Do you stick to a consistent palette throughout your house, or is each room a different color?

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  1. You are right, this idea can change a complete room. Thanks.