It Has Begun

You guys, we've officially started putting up the new kitchen backsplash!
It's taking a lot longer than I thought it would, but we've started; which means we'll finish it...eventually.

The first thing we did, was gather all our materials.

We debated whether or not we needed to purchase a wet saw, but after calculating rental costs it made better sense for us to just buy our own.

Then of course, there was the tile. We went with this basic white 3x6 in. subway tile. We also decided to go with the 1/3 offset pattern instead of the 1/2 offset.
Next, we covered the countertops with paper to protect them while we worked. I'm glad we took the time for this step, as tiling is pretty messy (at least it was for us first-time tilers). With all this done, there was nothing left to do but get to work!
Let me tell you, I had some pretty severe anxiety as we started. I was so tense with worry we were going to mess it up. There was a definite learning curve, but I soon realized tiling was not rocket science or anything, calmed down, and found my tiling rhythm.
At the end of the first night, after working about two hours placing each individual tile, this was as far as we got.
Oh, and remember how I was terrified we were going to mess up. Yeah, we totally did, or more precisely, I did. Can you spot the mistake? I'll give you a hint, it's in the top row.
Remember how we were doing a 1/3 offset pattern? Yeah, I forgot to cut the first tile as I started the top row!! I put a full size tile down instead of one cut down to 4 in. wide. We didn't realize it until the next night too. Luckily, the adhesive takes a long time to fully dry, and we were able to use a crowbar to pop off that row of tiles. Phew! Crisis averted. We were actually able to reuse the tiles too, as the adhesive just peeled off like silly putty. Other than time loss, there was no harm done. It actually made me relax more about the whole project too. It helped me knowing if we made a mistake we were capable of fixing it.

So, that's where we're at. We have a ways to go, plus grouting too, but we'll get tile at a time.

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