It's All In The Details

Before we could finish tiling the last wall of the backsplash, we had to address our kitchen window. There is no trim on any of the windows in our house, and to me, they all look unfinished. It's a very big trend here in the Southwest though. I'm not sure if it is a cost saving thing during the construction phase or if it is the preferred style of those who live here, but regardless I'm not a fan.
So, I tasked Bill with adding trim to the kitchen window. It's something I hope to do to all the windows in the house eventually, but this one had to be done now, as it would affect how we cut and laid the tile surrounding the window.
Here she is now! All decked out...or trimmed out rather.
Bill boxed in the window frame, and then added simple trim around the edges. He matched it to what is currently around the doors throughout the house, so it makes for a nice cohesive look. I know it's not a huge change or anything, but it makes me happy.
We still have to fill in the nail holes and gaps and then paint it, but the tiling project can officially move forward. We're so close, guys!

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