The Best Flip-Flops For Toddlers

In general, I'm a fan of closed toe shoes for my kids. They run and jump around so much, and I like them to avoid tripping when at all possible. However, there's a time and a place for flip-flips in the summer, and I've found the best ones at Old Navy!!
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That's right, their toddler flip-flops are the best I've seen. The straps are made out of a nice durable plastic and have an added strap around the heel to keep them put on the foot. What I really love about them though, is the hard rubber soul. These are not flimsy foam flip-flops and have a surprising weight to them. They can easily last multiple summers (Madeleine's are on her second) and even be passed down to the next kid. Seriously, they're that durable! They come in a ton of different fun colors and patterns too.

I wish they made them in my size!

Just for the record, this was not a paid for or sponsored post (I wish).  I think this is a good product, so I just wanted to share.

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