The Story Of A Table

Awhile back on one of my bi-weekly trips to Target (seriously, I have a problem); I spotted this table and knew it would be pretty perfect in the kitchen. It had nice mid-century lines, square, a good color, seated four, and had a nice large surface area. It was also only $200, which is a great price, but for whatever reason, I held off that day. Weeks went by, and I knew I should just buy the table already as things sell out really fast at Target. Seriously, my motto there is usually, Buy First, Return Later. If you like it and think it will work, just buy it when you see it or you might never see it again. You can always return it later if it doesn't work.
For whatever reason though, I kept passing on the table. Then one day, it went on clearance for $149.99 and I went into panic mode. It wasn't on sale, it was on clearance, and clearance furniture at Target usually means already gone. I asked the associate if they had any left, and sure enough, they were out!

I decided to just order it online, but it wasn't available there either. They did show a couple of Targets that still had some though, so I started calling around. Even though they were showing as having them online, all said they were out. One store said they were showing a Target in Mesa had some (even though online it said they didn't), so I gave them a call expecting them to say they were out too.

Turns out - they had two! I asked them if they physically saw them and weren't just going off a computer. They said yes. I asked them if they were still new-in-box and not display. They said yes. They also said, since it was clearance, they couldn't hold it for me. I literally dropped everything and headed to Mesa. A 45 minute drive later, the table was mine! 
That's not even the best part though. I fully expected the table to be $149.99, which is still a good price. When I got it to the register, it rang up for $60! I literally asked the cashier if that was maybe wrong, but it was oh so right! I had a $10 gift card, plus my Target debit card which gives me 5% off all my purchases, so all in all, I paid $51.96 for this bad boy.
It fits the space great, and just to be safe, I picked up the matching chairs right away. They were not on sale; but I figured since I had the table I should just complete the set before the chairs were gone too.

There you have it. That's my long-winded way of saying I got this sweet table for only $50!

Have you ever scored a great deal?


  1. Who cares if the chairs weren't on sale, you still saved with the difference from the table! I got a $149 grill for $90 after it went on sale Father's Day weekend for $99 and then it was an additional 10% off your purchase at Meijer that weekend too.

    1. That's a great price for a grill. Sweet score!