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I've been working a little bit on Seamus' room lately. Due to the craziness surrounding his birth (see here) and our cross-country move; he never really had a nursery decorated just for him. Now that he's transitioned out of the crib though, I thought it was time to start putting together a proper big boy room for him. I mentioned here, I was thinking of doing a woodsy/camp themed room, and I stayed with that idea.

Here's where we last left off.
And here's where we are now!
We went with the toddler bed (see here), so Seamus would still have lots of room to play. It didn't have much presence in the room though, so I found this great canvas wall hanging (see here) of old camp pendants that almost acts as a headboard. The bedding and blanket we've had, but I just picked up the little fox pillow recently (see here). 
I really love the wall hanging. It is just so perfect. Not only is it on theme, but the colors are perfect; and it gives a little nod to Wisconsin; the state where Seamus was born and where we called home for so long.

Next up is the wall next to the closet. It used to look like this.
And now it looks like this.
We've had this little toy storage unit for ages (similar here). It was previously in Seamus' closet; but I took it out because the colors work in the room, and it helps fill up the big blank wall. The little rocking chair was mine as a kid, and of course, we couldn't forget about Captain America (see here).
I plan on filling the space above the toy bin with some fun art. I have most of the prints, but still need to frame everything.

Finally, we have the dresser wall. Seamus has been using the old dresser from Madeleine's nursery. It was a hand-me-down back then that we had painted black. Decor-wise, it really never worked well in Seamus' room.
So, we got him a new one!
I was randomly browsing West Elm, and found the dresser on sale for only $399 (see here). I loved the natural color, that it was tall as opposed to wide, and especially the fun detailing. It totally reminds me of the feathers on an arrow.
I couldn't be happier with the purchase. I just threw a few knick-knacks on it for now. It was all stuff we already had around, except for the little campfire light which is new (see here).

It's definitely coming along (check out here for a refresher of where we started on move-in day). I just have to hang a bit more art and some shelves. We might actually have a completely finished room here soon.

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