Children's Book Report - Once Upon A Cloud

I have a pretty little children's book to share with you today - Once Upon A Cloud by Claire Keane.
It's a sweet little tale about a little girl, named Celeste, who is trying to think of the perfect gift to give her mother. 
As she lays down to go to sleep, the wind sweeps her away on a magical adventure.
It's a cute little story, but for me, this book is all about the illustrations. The colors are beautiful and the characters simply dance across the page. It's like reading ballet!
Claire Keane, the author and illustrator, works at Disney and contributed to both Tangled and Frozen. You can definitely see that Disney style animation reflected in the pages of this her debut book.
It's a great book for kids to give their mom on Mother's Day or her birthday too. I definitely recommend checking it out.

What have you been reading to your kids lately? I'm always on the lookout for fun new children's books.

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