KonMari Method - Books

When I last talked about the KonMari Method, I had finished the process of sorting, discarding, and folding all my clothes (see here).

I was ready for the next step, and the next step is books!
The first thing to do is gather all your books and put them on the floor - every, single, book (and magazine). Again, just like with your clothes, you have to handle each book individually to see whether or not it brings you joy, and you just can't do this while they are all sitting on your shelves. In Marie Kondo's mind, books on the shelf are invisible, dormant; and you cannot accurately judge whether they bring you joy or not unless you physically touch each one.
A few things to think about as you go about the process:

-  the decision to keep or not keep a book should be based on the feeling you get when you handle it. Don't start reading the book. If you start reading the book, you'll start thinking of whether or not you need the book instead of focusing on how the book makes you feel.

- books you have not read, or started but never finished should be discarded. Planning to read a book "sometime" usually means you're never going to read it. The moment to read a book is when you first encounter it.
- For the books you have already read, it is highly unlikely you'll ever read any of them again, and you should consider discarding them.

- The only books to keep are your "Hall of Fame" books.

This is harder than it looks, as books are some of the most difficult items in our homes to part with. There's just something about books, especially for an avid reader like me. Even Bill kept telling me that you should never get rid of books. I buckled down and went through the process though, and was left with my discard pile (left) and my keep pile (right).
Then it was time to put everything back. Cookbooks went back to the kitchen, children's books went upstairs, most discarded books were donated to the library, and my keepers went back on the shelves. Seamus was more than happy to help if it meant he could climb the ladder some more.
When I was done, the bookshelf looked like this!!
I definitely paired it down to what, for now, are my bare essentials bookwise. For a bookworm like me, I think it was a good first step. As time goes on, I feel I'll be much more comfortable letting go of my precious babies here or there.
The shelves already look and feel lighter. And, just like with the clothes, I don't miss any of the books that are gone.

The next step is paper. Yikes!

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